Classes taught: 

Introduction to Logic (Pitt, UNLV), Advanced Logic (UNLV), Ancient Philosophy (Pitt), Concepts of Human Nature (Pitt), Introduction to Philosophical Problems (Pitt), Introduction to Philosophy (UNLV), Critical Thinking and Reasoning (UNLV), Philosophy and Religion (UNLV), Minds and Machines (Pitt), Philosophy and Science (Pitt), Self-Consciousness (Leipzig, graduate class).

By year:

2023 Underrepresented Perspectives in the History and Philosophy of Mathematics, class co-taught with Andrea Reichenberger (University of Siegen), Summer 2023

2023 Introduction to Logic (UNLV), three courses, Spring 2023

2022 Advanced Logic (UNLV), three courses, Fall 2022

2022 Advanced Logic (UNLV), three sections, Spring 2022

2021 Advanced Logic (UNLV), four sections, Fall 2021

2021 Introduction to Logic (UNLV), two sections, Summer 2021

2021 Advanced Logic (UNLV), four sections, Spring 2021

2020 Introduction to Logic (UNLV), four sections, Fall 2020

2020 Advanced Logic (UNLV), four sections, Fall 2020

2020 Introduction to Philosophy (UNLV), two sections, Summer 2020

2020 Introduction to Logic (UNLV), three sections, Fall 2020

2020 Critical Thinking and Reasoning (UNLV), Spring 2020

2020 Introduction to Philosophy (UNLV), Spring 2020

2020 Introduction to Logic (UNLV), two sections, Spring 2020

2019 Introduction to Philosophy (UNLV), Fall 2019

2019 Introduction to Logic (UNLV), three sections, Fall 2019

2017 Introduction to Logic (Pitt), main instructor: Thomas Ricketts, Spring 2017

2016 Introduction to Logic (Pitt), main instructor: Mark Wilson, Fall 2016

2016 Ancient Philosophy (Pitt), Summer 2016 (taught independently)

2015 Concepts of Human Nature (Pitt), main instructor: Erica Shumener, Fall 2015

2014 Introduction to Philosophical Problems (Pitt), main instructor: Kent Schmor, Spring 2014

2013 Minds and Machines (Pitt), main instructor: Jonathan Surrovell, Fall 2013

2012 Philosophy and Science (Pitt), main instructor: Giovanni Valente, Spring 2012

2011 Introduction to Logic (Pitt), main instructor: Anil Gupta, Fall 2011

2009 Self-Consciousness (Leipzig), Summer 2009.

Recent syllabi: