On October 6-7, will be speaking about “Delusions as Imaginings” at the University of Warwick in October at the Warwick-Geneva-Leipzig Workshop in Philosophy of Psychology and Psychology of Life:

On September 29, I will be speaking about “Christine Ladd-Franklin’s Antilogism and the Square of Opposition” at Urteile der Logik – Logik der Urteile at Universität Hagen, Germany:

On September 9-13, I will be speaking about “Christine Ladd-Franklin’s Antilogism, Incompatibility Semantics, and the Square of Opposition” at The Square of Opposition in Leuven, Belgium:

On June 30, I spoke in the Colloquium at the University of Paderborn about “Die St. Louis Hegelianer und das Paradoxon demokratischer Bildung”:

On June 14, I will be speaking about „Diagrammatic Reasoning in Euclid“ in the Colloquium at Istanbul Technical University. postponed

I spoke about “Diagrammatic Reasoning in Euclid” at UNILOG 2022 in Crete in April: UNLIOG 2022 General Session:

In January 2022, I spoke about “Christine Ladd-Franklin as a Precursor to Incompatibility Semantics” at a conference on “Female Logicians: Their Impact on Modern Logic” at the University of Hagen. Here is a nice summary of the event by Andrea Reichenberger: Geschichte schreiben – Zukunft ändern. Logikerinnen und ihr Einfluss.